Welcome to Tranquility Garden It's your place to come and relax whenever you feel the need.

Sometimes we get away from our 'tranquil place', the area of ourselves where true peace and joy resides.  We just need some gentle coaxing to find it again.  We have many ideas to help you regain your sense of calmness.


Our Articles

Nature's Glow - Learn how effective candles can be for setting a relaxing mood.

Herbal Tease - Making your own relaxing herbal tea can not only be relaxing and healthy, it can be fun.

Natural Remedy - It's time to go outside and enjoy what nature has to offer you.  We also have some ideas for bringing nature... inside.

Relaxing Any Time, Anywhere - We've put together some simple exercises that you can learn to do to help you understand the importance of energy flow throughout the body to relieve stress.



Tranquil Sounds - Nature sounds and soft music.  We've gathered together what we feel will bring peaceful feelings into your environment, and into your life.

Items for Relaxation - See our items that will enhance your relaxing experience.


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