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As buildings and other man-made structures take over the land, getting into a truly natural setting is more important than ever for our peace of mind.

Find your spot of heaven on earth to help put calmness back into your life.

 By Sharon Houghton



     There was a time when adding buildings to the natural landscape was thought of as nothing but progress.  Today, there are some areas where it's rather difficult to find any natural land left.  Rather than focusing on the negative, let's focus on what we do have...nature wherever you can find it.  If you are lucky enough to live in the country, you instinctively know that it's a calm and wonderful place to live.  Time is spent watching the wildlife in it's glory.  For city-dwellers, time spent at a local park or garden can be an excursion into serenity and inner peace.

     There's something in nature that cannot be found inside a building.  It's more than words can describe.  The feeling is one of awe.  To know that something so glorious and ever changing has been here even before we got here is an exciting thought.  It's bigger than us, extremely powerful, and so amazingly beautiful.  To feel nature is to feel it's healing power upon us.

     The beach is a perfect place to feel the powerful effects of nature.  The force of the waves, the sounds of the sea gulls, and the smells of the salt in the air all lend to the feeling that you are in the presence of something powerful indeed.  When one feels their place in the universe, one realizes that problems are not as big as first thought.  It's in the perception about the grandness of nature that time changes away from the time that is on the man-made clock, and onto nature's clock. 

     Nature's clock can be much more forgiving than man's clock.  It seems that where nature is more celebrated, nature's clock is used as well.  An example would be a "New York minute".  Have you ever stood on a busy Manhattan street?  Other than the few carefully planted trees, there's not a spot of nature to be seen unless you look way up in the sky past the skyscrapers.  On the other hand we have the Hawaiian Islands, where time is slower, and no one minds if you're an hour or two late.  Are you really late?  Probably not, because you move more to nature's rhythm.

There are so many ways to enjoy nature.

Take a walk - Any exercise is good for your body, but when it's done in a natural setting it takes your mind off of your day to day thoughts and puts them onto the beauty of nature, which is a very positive thing.

Picnic- Put together a basket of fruits, raw veggies and lemon water and take them to the park or beach.  This is really enjoying nature to the fullest. When you absorb nature through all of your senses, it reinforces positive behavior.  The more you eat a natural diet the less you crave un-natural food.  Our bodies naturally crave what is good for us to give us the nutrients that we need.  It's only when we feed it a constant diet of un-natural food that it becomes un-natural in it's cravings.

Play- Run, jump, do cartwheels, do whatever brings out the inner child in you.  Do you remember how natural it was to play when you were a child?  You were even encouraged to do so, how many times did the adults say to you "Go play"?  Who encourages us now?  It's really up to us to be in the moment, and know when the moment is to just... play.  Get a friend and go play with a Frisbee, jump rope, or start an impromptu softball game.  Even though we are getting exercise, playing can be one of the most mentally relaxing things that we can do.

Art- Creating art in itself is an extremely relaxing thing to do.  Creating art in a natural setting is taking it to a whole new level.  When was the last time you built a sand castle, or made tiny rocks or shells into a picture?  This may fall into the category of play, but who cares?  Create something out of nothing, it's fun, free, and no one has to see it but you.  So it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.  Everyone can be an artist.

Meditate- Whether you meditate, pray or do some other form of mental relaxation (see our idea here), it's a healthy thing to do.  Peace of mind is yours for the taking by practicing stillness within yourself.  Take nice long breathes and fill yourself with the feelings of love and wholeness.  This can be done while you are stopped at a traffic light, standing in line at a grocery store, or while sitting in the middle of an open field filled with the sounds of birds and breezes.  We are the only ones that can control our bodies at any given moment.  Nature is a powerful thing, and we are natural beings.  Accept this power into your own life.

     Bringing nature into your life on a daily basis can only improve your frame of mind and invigorate your body's natural healing powers.  Not all of us have the benefit of living in a natural environment.  But there are things that you can do to bring the powers of nature to you.  Just by bringing the sounds of nature into your house, you can add pleasure to your senses.  Nowadays we have many options when it comes to professionally mixed soundtracks.  If you prefer soft music mixed with nature sounds, there is that option available as well.  Wind chimes, waterfalls, these are pleasant and relaxing sounds that can make you feel calmer and more in touch with nature without even leaving the house.  Incorporating nature into the house is a very positive thing that you can do.

     If you are someone that is able to grow plants, you already know how beneficial they can be.  The nurturing that we give to the plants comes back to us tenfold.  Just living with them makes life more enjoyable. But they also help us by filtering the air that we breathe.  Quality time spent tending plants, is quality time nurturing ourselves.  It's also one more way that we can connect with nature.


Need to relax with nature, but have to stay inside?

Our best suggestion- Take a relaxing bath using all-natural products, turn on a relaxing cd that has nature sounds, and soak in peaceful bliss.

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