Welcome to Tranquility Garden


Welcome to Tranquility Garden


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Bathing is an ancient ritual that cleanses the mind as well as the body.

  We believe in using all-natural beauty products whenever possible.  Please visit our "all natural beauty" web site.


Set the mood by soothing the senses.

Candles create immediate aromatic as well as visual pleasure.  They are such a simple solution to visual 'noise'.

  Be good to yourself ...light a candle.


Sipping a nice warm cup of herbal tea helps to soothe the nerves.  Choose a relaxing blend of herbs that will slow down time and add to your good health.

Learn the art of brewing a fine cup of tea.



Take yourself to a natural setting.

Let your heart soar with the clouds.  By taking yourself out of a man-made environment, your thoughts are set free.

A calm mind...makes for a calm body.




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the garden of relaxation

      In this fast paced world, we're all looking for a way to slow down, unwind, de-stress and just basically relax.  Sure you can pay someone to help you, but there are ways that you can relax yourself.  Relaxation is an art, an acquired skill, something to aspire to.   Methods of relaxation differ for everyone.  "Island time" can be had by those that seek it.  Slow down time by learning to breathe, let go of tension, and nurture your body, mind and spirit.  Soothing the soul can be as simple as taking a long bath, sipping some herbal tea and lighting a candle.  Playing soothing sounds can lend to the feeling of tranquility and stillness in your soul.

      Remember your friends and loved ones with items of relaxation... soothing music, massage implements, wind chimes,  or all natural beauty products.  These are the things that so many of us do without or just basically forget about until someone cares enough about us to give them to us as a gift.  Whether it is a gift to you or from you, the gift of relaxation is a special one indeed.  Come to Tranquility Garden for all of your gifts of relaxation.


Cats already understand 'Island Time', they live it every day!


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